Jimmy Wahlsteen – 1 month and counting…

A busy week has come to an end and I even managed to squeeze in a mastering session today with Björn Engelman at Cutting Room. Gonna make some small adjustments tomorrow morning and then it´s off to print for 181st songs.

The artwork is also finally done. Here´s a little sneak preview of what it will look like:  Bild 6

I´ve also recorded two new videos this week. I brought in Session horns Sweden for The urge to Gossip. I shot the video in my cousin, Ronnie Larsson´s, beautiful TV-studio, Mastroc. This is blury picture of what it will look like:Bild 12

This upcoming week is gonna be nice. Interview with Fuzz magazine and video editing. I´m also gonna make Tabs for two of the songs that will be put out on my record label´s youtube channel. My genious brother in law, Joel Sahlin, is gonna help me out with that. Anyway, all of this is gonna be possible within normal working hours, so I might just start working on new material…

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Jimmy Wahlsteen – Busiest time since the Eskobar days.

There was a time when all I did was work. I kept the most bizzare time schedules just to make it to the next gig. Once I drove from Sälen after a gig  with Anna Sahlene in the northern parts of Sweden, in my own car, over night directly to the airport to catch a flight to Paris for a gig with Eskobar. After that off to the airport, back to Sweden for a session in a live tv show. Nowadays I try my best to be on a more reasonable agenda. This weekend though, and the following days to come, pushes me right back to the old days.

I started yesterday, saturday, with an early breakfast before driving to a clinic I was hosting in Karlstad. The clinic ended at one o´clock. My next gig was with Alcazar, some 20 swedish miles away, at three o´clock. I drove like a mad man and made it just  in time. After that I had to drive back for a business dinner with my Swedish clinic agent Renée Hankvist. Today I went up super early and prepared for another clinic I was hosting at Musikhögskolan in Örebro. After that I finally drove back to Stockholm for a family dinner at my brother in law´s.

Anyway. Playing on both clinics as well as the gig with Alcazar went really well. Tomorrow, monday, I´m shooting a video for my song “The urge to gossip”. Session Horns Sweden is gonna be performing in the video with me. Proud to have them on board. On tuesday I´m finishing the production for “You gotta run real fast to stand still” and hopefully finish the video for it as well. On wednesday I´m making a video for “181st song” and thursday-friday I´m remixing “The urge to gossip” before mastering the album. The artwork is almost done. Look out for it on my myspace soon.

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Jimmy Wahlsteen – things are finally moving fast

So, here I am a week from mastering the album. I mixed “It´s your favorite” this week with Oscar Söderberg. #mce_temp_url# and I think it´s the best song on the album. Mattias Bylund #mce_temp_url# did the string arrangement and he did a beautiful job. The title is actually stolen from the movie “Chocolate” by Lasse Hallström. #mce_temp_url#

Juliette Binoche keeps telling every candy eating customer in her little chocolate shop that she can tell it´s their favorite before they even tried the chocolate being served to them. That whole attitude both amazes and amuses me. Telling someone “It´s your favorite” and then hearing them say “Yeah, that was my favorite” must be the ultimate self esteem booster.

Now, I´m not saying my new song is your favorite but It certainly is mine and I hope you will like it. Album in store on october 31st.

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Jimmy Wahlsteen – 090909

I thought I´d be writing everyday here. That is still my plan but the making of 181st songs has finally reached its final month and I can tell you it´s unbelivably time-consuming.

Before the end of the month I have to produce and mix 2 songs, make three new videos, rehearse the upcoming gigs and clinics and deliver artwork to my label. Oh, and I forgot: master the album as well.

Tomorrow I go to Helsingborg to showcase my act before the Nordic acoustic festival in october #mce_temp_url#. I´m hoping to release the album on the same day as the gig. (October 30th) So the gig is an important one.

Anyway, train rides are one of few moments in my life where I can really relax, if I go 1st class that is, otherwise it´s a huge pain in the ass. I like convenience, espacially when it´s available. So I pray they booked me a 1st class ticket tomorrow so I can chill out for a while…

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Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I´m already on youtube, myspace, twitter, netone.se, dailymotion and what not… so I thought I´d give this blogging thing a try.

I´m in the middle of rehearsing the material from my yet un-released debut solo album. It´s gonna be done by the end of september and out for release as soon as I find an interesting lable or decide to release it myself.

If you haven´t listened to any of my music I can recommend you all to have a peek at my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/jimmywahlsteen

Listen and find out if you think this blog is worth another visit. I will keep everyone updated on my progress here and I sincerely hope to awake your interest.

Lots of love,