Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I´m already on youtube, myspace, twitter, netone.se, dailymotion and what not… so I thought I´d give this blogging thing a try.

I´m in the middle of rehearsing the material from my yet un-released debut solo album. It´s gonna be done by the end of september and out for release as soon as I find an interesting lable or decide to release it myself.

If you haven´t listened to any of my music I can recommend you all to have a peek at my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/jimmywahlsteen

Listen and find out if you think this blog is worth another visit. I will keep everyone updated on my progress here and I sincerely hope to awake your interest.

Lots of love,




  1. Spännande! Jag slänger in din sida bland mina feeds direkt. Kör hårt!

    • Grymt! Tack för det kompis. Ha det bäst så länge,


  2. Snygg blogg! Ser fram emot plattan!

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