Jimmy Wahlsteen – 090909

I thought I´d be writing everyday here. That is still my plan but the making of 181st songs has finally reached its final month and I can tell you it´s unbelivably time-consuming.

Before the end of the month I have to produce and mix 2 songs, make three new videos, rehearse the upcoming gigs and clinics and deliver artwork to my label. Oh, and I forgot: master the album as well.

Tomorrow I go to Helsingborg to showcase my act before the Nordic acoustic festival in october #mce_temp_url#. I´m hoping to release the album on the same day as the gig. (October 30th) So the gig is an important one.

Anyway, train rides are one of few moments in my life where I can really relax, if I go 1st class that is, otherwise it´s a huge pain in the ass. I like convenience, espacially when it´s available. So I pray they booked me a 1st class ticket tomorrow so I can chill out for a while…

Thanks for stopping by folks….


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  1. You may write about your stringsession in the studio with a funny name…hahahahaha… 🙂

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