Jimmy Wahlsteen – Busiest time since the Eskobar days.

There was a time when all I did was work. I kept the most bizzare time schedules just to make it to the next gig. Once I drove from Sälen after a gig  with Anna Sahlene in the northern parts of Sweden, in my own car, over night directly to the airport to catch a flight to Paris for a gig with Eskobar. After that off to the airport, back to Sweden for a session in a live tv show. Nowadays I try my best to be on a more reasonable agenda. This weekend though, and the following days to come, pushes me right back to the old days.

I started yesterday, saturday, with an early breakfast before driving to a clinic I was hosting in Karlstad. The clinic ended at one o´clock. My next gig was with Alcazar, some 20 swedish miles away, at three o´clock. I drove like a mad man and made it just  in time. After that I had to drive back for a business dinner with my Swedish clinic agent Renée Hankvist. Today I went up super early and prepared for another clinic I was hosting at Musikhögskolan in Örebro. After that I finally drove back to Stockholm for a family dinner at my brother in law´s.

Anyway. Playing on both clinics as well as the gig with Alcazar went really well. Tomorrow, monday, I´m shooting a video for my song “The urge to gossip”. Session Horns Sweden is gonna be performing in the video with me. Proud to have them on board. On tuesday I´m finishing the production for “You gotta run real fast to stand still” and hopefully finish the video for it as well. On wednesday I´m making a video for “181st song” and thursday-friday I´m remixing “The urge to gossip” before mastering the album. The artwork is almost done. Look out for it on my myspace soon.

thanks for stopping by,

jimmy wahlsteen


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