Jimmy Wahlsteen – London party

I´m in London again. Had a gig here a few weeks ago but this time I´m here for a party. My dear friend Anoo Bhagavan has invited me to join him on the BMI awards. I´m proud to be here and celebrate his success.

While he is attending meetings I´m shilling out at a nice café at Brick Lane. Haven´t actually seen this area before. It´s worth a visit.

I´ve set a date for the Stockholm release party. 11th of november it is. I´m gonna play some six songs, show my videos, sell records and probably have a few glasses of champagne. The venue is KGB. It´s the perfect spot. Don´t hesitate to join me if you´re free!

Two of my three remaining videos for the 181st songs release are finished. Hasse Sjölander from the cool upcoming band The Zoo did a great job with “You´ve gotta run real fast to stand still”. This video is live and and more of a classic youtube clip, although spiced up with a few more angles and musical dubb overs. Here´s how it looks.

Bild 5

Going home again on wednesday and back to work.

Thanks for stopping by…


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