Jimmy Wahlsteen – Back in New York

Bibliotek - 1281

So, I´m back in New York. I started composing for the album in my flat at 181st street some three years ago, and here I am, out of pure coincidence, back in Manhattan, by the time of the album release!

My first videos are up and running on the Candyrat youtube channel and I have gained unbelivable 27 000 views on “Rapid eye moment” in just three days. I thank all you great listeners for your comments and support.

We decided to put out even “Shifts of attention” on the site. The initial idea was to leave it on my youtube channel exclusively but it´s getting such great reviews that we wanna go with this one to.

I have my gig on the Nordic acoustic festival next week. It´s a big deal for me and I´m rehersing as much as I can. The album shipment will be delivered by then and I´m gonna sell records after the gig.

I´ve decided to go with Showman as my Scandinavian booking agent and Guitargig as my Geman booker and contact in the E.U. My new website is coming up soon as well as my updated myspace.

I´ll keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by,

jimmy wahlsteen



  1. Just got your 191st album! Love it already.

    Great music.


  2. Hi, your album is amazing. I study your tabs too 😀 I love arangements on this LP – really loveable!

    I wonder what guitars are you using in “Tranquility” clip – is it maple guitar? It sounds very uncommon. I like it!

    I think – you should have your blog on your own domain but I’ll be back here for sure 🙂

  3. ru preforming in NY for 2010 tour?

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