Jimmy Wahlsteen – Update from Spain


I´m writing this post from my hotelroom in Tenerife. Tragically I´m spending my day off here instead of beautiful Barcelona where I played yesterday. On friday I did a session gig with great artist Emilia de Poret at the Mango awards in Madrid.

Here´s a pick from the soundcheck.

Mango awards soundcheck.IMG_0524

On wednesday I do my Stockholm release at KGB. Beers are on me (for a while) and I´ll play a few songs.

We have decided to release “Shifts of attention” and “It´s your favorite” as tabs on the Candyrat label. I´m very happy that  the tabs for “Rapid…” and “Tranquility” get so many downloads from all over and it´s time to put out some new material.

Today Candyrat posted the new video for “The urge to gossip” on their youtube channel!!! Hope you like it…

The biggest and coolest thing this week is undoubtedly that I met the worlds greatest Leo Messi in Barcelona the other day.


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