Jimmy Wahlsteen – Touring in winterland and new releases!

I´m born in Sweden but since I gave up all sorts of wintersports, including hockey sadly, I kind of forgot what an amazingly freezing country this is. The tour I did in november around the nordic polar circle was a great reminder. We stoped for reindeers every now and then and it got pitch-black around 2.30 in the afternoon.

I had a lot of spare time at hotelrooms during this tour. Partly cause after having admired the snowy environment there wasn´t much left to do really but play guitar, so I came home with some new material. I told you before how long it takes me to write, produce, make videos etc so I thought I might as well get started. Even though “181st songs” just got released.

When I came home I threw a great Stockholm release party for the album. All my best friends showed up and the gig went great.

My super gifted brother in law Joel Sahlin did a guest appearance and played “Tranquility” with me. We did a video of the song in my livingroom earlier and it´s getting good reviews on youtube. Another great guitarist guested on the party and we did his song “Bittersweet treat” together.

Some other cool stuff has happened. I just released a new set of tabs for “Shifts of attention” and “It´s your favorite”!

The “Shifts…” video has now gained over 80 000 views on youtube and people have been asking me for tabs since before the album release.

I did an interview with Scandinavias biggest guitar magazine Fuzz which will be out in february. I also did a long interview with German Akustik Gitarre that I think will be out before new year if I´m not missinformed. I´ll let you know through my twitter when they´re out.

My myspace also got a refreshing layout. Have a look and see if you digg. And… beware of the “181st song” video release before the end of december.

Thanks for stopping by,

jimmy wahlsteen