Jimmy Wahlsteen – Tours and sponsorship deals!

Years ago I made the promise to never again wait for others to get back to me. That´s part of the reason I finally went solo after a long career playing behind other artists. Everything that keeps you waiting could be better handled on your own. I must say I´ve broken that promise more than once. Especially since going solo… There are magazine features wating to be published, tour dates to be made official, distribution deals to come through…. etc. Waiting is hard on an impatient guy like me so that´s why I´m thrilled to announce the following cool stuff that is now finally official.

ECHOES awarded my album “CD of the month” and it´s number one on the top 25 list!

I signed a sponsorship deal with L.R Baggs preamps. The new Venue D.I sounds just great and I´m gonna bring it on my upcoming tours this year.

I´ve also posted a new youtube video since the last blogg update. “181st song” is by far the most advanced video I´ve made so far and it´s gained over 50 000 views in just one month.

My Germany tour dates is now made official! You can also find the dates on my myspace which got a new design by the way.

My Canadian tour together with Don Ross this summer is also coming together. I´m invited as co-host on Don Ross Guitar weekends. The dates and sign up info is just made official. Together with that I´m doing the Canadian Guitar festival in the begining of august.

For all you German listeners: I´m featured in the upcoming issue of Akustik Gitarre! I´m also doing a workshop printed in the magazine.

I just picked up a copy of the latest issue of FUZZ magazine. This is actually the first swedish magazine that runs a feature on me.

Finally I gotta tell you that I´m moving my studio to my summer house in Gotland. I need a shift of environment before the next album recording that I hope will begin sometime in this upcoming fall. Here´s me posing at the place for the new studio.

Thanks for stopping by,

jimmy wahlsteen