Germany tour – Jimmy Wahlsteen & Don Ross – 2010

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The tour with Don Ross is now 2 gigs old and it´s been a fantastic musical experience playing together with him. We´ve made arrangements for each others songs. Don really makes songs like “It´s your favorite”, “Shifs of attention” and “Rapid eye moment” sound amazing!

Here´s a pic from the premier gig in Cologne.

I´ve had great support on this tour by Akustik Gitarre magazine. They made me the cover boy together with a 4 page interview and a printed workshop. I also got the tour plan published in the mag which is great.

The acoustic guitar scene in Germany is really cooking. I´ve met some great players here. I can recommend you all to check out Peter Kroll-Ploeger. We did a video recording of his song “Friday afternoon” in his home in Mulheim that will show up on youtube soon.

I updated my rig quite a lot before this tour. I am now a proud endorser of the TC G-natural! It´s a fantastic multi-fx device with stompbox functions as well as programmable setups with beautiful Reverbs-Delays-Modulations and Compressor features.

The new setup:

K&K pick ups also honored me with naming me their “Artist of the month”! Thanks for the support K&K.

Today, 6th of may, I am doing a solo gig in Koblenz before I meet up with Don tomorrow again in Viersen.

Here´s another live shot from the Cologne gig.

Thanks for stopping by and auf wiedersehen.

jimmy wahlsteen

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