Germany tour – Jimmy Wahlsteen & Don Ross – 2010

Guten tag!

The tour with Don Ross is now 2 gigs old and it´s been a fantastic musical experience playing together with him. We´ve made arrangements for each others songs. Don really makes songs like “It´s your favorite”, “Shifs of attention” and “Rapid eye moment” sound amazing!

Here´s a pic from the premier gig in Cologne.

I´ve had great support on this tour by Akustik Gitarre magazine. They made me the cover boy together with a 4 page interview and a printed workshop. I also got the tour plan published in the mag which is great.

The acoustic guitar scene in Germany is really cooking. I´ve met some great players here. I can recommend you all to check out Peter Kroll-Ploeger. We did a video recording of his song “Friday afternoon” in his home in Mulheim that will show up on youtube soon.

I updated my rig quite a lot before this tour. I am now a proud endorser of the TC G-natural! It´s a fantastic multi-fx device with stompbox functions as well as programmable setups with beautiful Reverbs-Delays-Modulations and Compressor features.

The new setup:

K&K pick ups also honored me with naming me their “Artist of the month”! Thanks for the support K&K.

Today, 6th of may, I am doing a solo gig in Koblenz before I meet up with Don tomorrow again in Viersen.

Here´s another live shot from the Cologne gig.

Thanks for stopping by and auf wiedersehen.

jimmy wahlsteen

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  1. Hey Jimmy, Just gotta congratulate you again on the amazing performance you gave at the Carlton moments ago. The trio at the front of the stage was glad to have you here!

    • Thanks a lot. I had a great time yesterday and I do belive you guys got to see on of mine and Don´s best performances together.

      all the best

      jimmy wahlsteen

      • It was definitely the most energetic performance I’ve seen from anyone in a while. I can’t get enough of this CD!

        Also, the has been on my mind for so long. Is your L-09 have a cedar top? I’m a Larrivee owner my self and and just amazed at the warmth of your.


      • Hello again. So you have a Larrivee to! They are really great. I don´t know the first thing about material though I´m sorry. I just sat down at the Larrivée dealer in Sweden an picked out the ones I liked.
        I´m glad you like my sound. The sound equipment is of great importance to create a good warm sound. I use a K&K pickup blended with a Sunrise pickup. The K&K runs through a L.R Baggs preamp and the Sunrise has it´s own Sunrise preamp. They add up in my Mackie mixer from where I send one clean channel to the PA and a stereo package with effects separetely.
        So, now you know the secret.

        Good luck and thanks for the support.

        jimmy wahlsteen

  2. Yeah the Larrivee’s are a dream. The K&K’s are quite nice and a Sunrise, I’ll have to check that out. Haven’t heard of them. Gotta say the chorus effects used really emulate the multiple guitar tracks quite well too.

    All the best on the rest of the tour.

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