Jimmy Wahlsteen – Canada tour diary 23/11

So, I´m in Saskatoon for the 6th gig of the Canada tour. It´s -28C coold and as usually I´m not exactly dressed for the occasion so I´m staying indoors with a cup of coffee in the all free wireless downtown.

One of my Larrivées has taken a few beatings on this tour. First, after making me paying overweight charges, the airline lost it, and when it finally showed up in Toronto my Sunrise pickup was soundless. I had to fix it at the 12 fret music store, east side Toronto.

Then, after the sold out and super fun gig yesterday at the Unitarian Hall in Thunder Bay one of the sound guys knocked over a microphone on the same guitar so it got another nice crack in it. It will probably look like Willie Nelsons guitar after this tour but as long as it keeps sounding great it´s ok, I guess…

We´re flying between every gig in this great big country. Distances here are unbelivable. If a city is within 5 hours driving range it´s concidered to be close! I had to get up 4 o´clock this morning to make it in time for the airport.

Anyway, the tour is lots of fun and Don Ross is a great tour partner. I´ve also been fortunate to be palying with my all time favorite sing and song writer, fantastic guitar player and vocalist Brooke Miller on this tour. I´ve been listening a lot to her records and it was great to finally play the songs with her.

Here´s a couple of pic´s from the gig at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto:

If you care for a little preview of how the tour sounds like. Please check out me and Don playing at Hugh´s Room earlier this year.

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Jimmy Wahlsteen – my sound / live setup

Hello everybody! I´m getting a lot of questions on Facebook and Youtube about my sound and what kind of equipment I use.

I´m happy to share it with you so I thought I´ll make it official here on my blogg. Enjoy!

Guitars: Larrivée. I use a LSV-11 and a L-09. Both fantastic sounding beautiful instruments.

Pickups: I use the wonderfully sounding K&K system. I use the (K&K) pure mini together with the Sunrise pick up each runing through different preamps. The K&K pick up goes through an L.R Baggs preamp. and the Sunrise goes through Sunrise´s own preamp gear that looks like a little black box.

I mix the two signals in my little Mackie mixer. The Sunrise pick up has nice bass sound so I max the low knob on the

input for the Sunrise signal and I handle the K&K eq on the L.R Baggs preamp.

Now it starts to get complicated. The left channel on the Mackie board goes direct to the “Front of house” mixer board. The other master output runs through my Boss Loop Station which can be muted with a channel switch and a Volume pedal.

FX: From the phones output on the Mackie I send a 3rd signal that splits into stereo in my Multi FX board from TC electronics. I use the G-natural. It´s got all the TC reverbs, delays, choruses etc and sounds amazing.

Here´s a picture of the setup.

Hope this have been helpful. Good luck to all of you!

jimmy wahlsteen