My new CD is out!

Hello everyone

It is with great excitement I would like to announce that my brand new CD “All time high” is now officialy released world wide! CD´s, Tabs and MP3 downloads can be found as usual on the Candyrat website. And of course Itunes and

I have been selling the CD as merchandise on the Tommy Emmanuel / Jimmy Wahlsteen tour and it has been very well recepted.

The Halifaxation video is out on the Candyrat youtube channel. I never read the comments but according to the Facebook feedback my beloved listeners seem to digg it. Check it out if you haven´t already:

I am writing this post from a peculiar place. The tour agent booked me on my day off into a tiny Tennis and Squash hotel in Kaarst outside of Dusseldorf. Their online service is, god bless, working fine so I could be worse off. A driver took me here from Basel today where I played yesterday with Tommy Emmanuel. Very nice gig at the Stadtcasino. Opening up for Tommy has been a truly awesome experience. The fans have been great and the venues just beautiful. In Paris I did one of my all time high, no pun intended, performances and the sound has been very nice through the whole tour thanks to our geat engineerer and tour manager Steve Law.

Speaking of sound: The friendly people at T.C electronics have been trying to send me a new G-natural since my brooke down on the soundcheck before the first gig. So far they have not succeded because of bank holidays and weekends but tomorrow I´m gonna show the crowd in Kaarst some pretty cool FX I´ve been working on if the German delivery service manages to find this remote hotel.

Me and Tommy play my new song Mindlessness together by the end of the show. It´s an honor to play with him and the song sounds wonderful. Filming is prohibited on the show but if you search youtube I´m sure you´ll find a piece or two…


Until next time, thanks for stopping by,


jimmy wahlsteen








  1. Hi Jimmy,

    I saw you and Tommy Emmanuel in Paris on 11.11.11, and I really enjoyed the show, including your part. Your “thumb ring” percussion trick is really good, I spent most of your performance paying attention to it once you mentionned it. Thank you for your music, it has the gift to cheer me up!

    • Hi! The Paris show is a great memory. One of the absolut highlights of the tour. I´m glad you like what I do. It means a lot.

      au revoir and best wishes

      jimmy wahlsteen

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