Hi everyone!

This spring has been unbelievably busy and just as nice. The touring kicked off with a two week Germany tour in March. Germany is probably the country I´ve spent the most time in outside of Sweden. Germans these days tend to speak english really well so embarrassingly enough my German hash´t improved for years. Did a couple of duo gigs with the wonderful guitar player Tim Spark there. Here´s a little something from the rehearsal/soundcheck at the Kulturbunker in Cologne.

After the Germany tour I was very proud to be a part of “La 5eme Nuit des Virtuosos”  tour at the paradise Island Ile de la Réunion. If you don´t know where that is, I won´t hold it against you. Few people do… Check google maps south of Madagaskar! The line up for the concert hall tour there was amazing:

Valentina LisitsaAlexeyArkhipovskiy, Buddy Greene together with Jeff Taylor.

Here´s me together with Jeff and Pascal.


I had the pleasure of having a great side kick player with me on stage as well: Pascal Manglou. Listen to the performance at Luc Donat. Here´s me performing Halifaxation together with Pascal. 

For the first time the my family joined me on tour. I can imagine worse places to hang out in while daddy´s at work:





















After Rénion Island I went directly for the UK Candyrat tour.

About two more shows to go and I´m writing this post from a countryside hotel padio in picturesque Kendal. the tour has been really intense with really cool venues and great crowds. Check out tour plan:

The First UK CANdYRAT Tour
featuring Antoine DuFourEwan Dobson,
Jimmy Wahlsteen & Adam Palma


May 2012

Wed 2nd BRIGHTON The Komedia TBC
Thu 3rd EXETER The Phoenix TBC
Fri 4th SALISBURY The Arts Centre TBC
Sat 5th LONDON The Borderline TBC
Sun 6th DERBY The Darwin Suite TBC
Mon 7th LEEDS City Varieties Music Hall TBC
Wed 9th STRATFORD Cox’s Yard TBC
Thu 10th MANCHESTER The Band on the Wall TBC
Fri 11th GATESHEAD The Sage, Gateshead TBC
Sat 12th KENDAL The Brewery TBC
Sun 13th BRISTOL Colston Hall 2 TBC

The line up has been really cool with four of the best finger style players I know:

Antoine Dufour – Ewan Dobson and Adam Palma. We´ve had some hilarious tourbus moments and really cool gigs. Also had a stop at historical Stonehenge. Here we are:











We´ve also been ending each evening with a little jam. Here´s an iPhone clip from the London gig.

Summer´s got some cool gigs lined up. Me, Jon Gomm and Don Ross are doing Hugh´s room in Toronto. Also Canadian Guitar Festival and the Carlton in Halifax. Please check jimmywahlsteen.com for tour updates.

Italy in october, Germany and Italy in November. Lots of exciting news to come. I hope to see you out there!

Thanks for stopping by

peace and love

jimmy wahlsteen



  1. hey cool Jimmy….don’t forget Halifaxation applies in the U.K. as well haha,,,keep up the good work

    • I´m glad it does, my friend. I´ll be back to play if for you again in february!


      jimmy wahlsteen

  2. Jimmy…saw you in Kendal and thought you were amazing. At the end I kind of gave your hand a quick shake and then went over to Antoine who I’d followed for like 2 years! I meant no disrespect and now realise how awesome your playing is. Next time I will ensure I make my appreciation known. I cannot explain how brilliant I think your playing is. Truly from the heart. Thanks

    • The Kendal gig was great fun. I´m planing a solo tour in the UK for february. I hope I will have the pleasure of shaking your hand again then. Thanks for the support. It means a lot.


      jimmy wahlsteen

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