Work in progress…

Hello. Time for a new update. Finally. After a 4 month session away from home spending time at the summer house and various addresses in Stockholm  I´m back home working in the studio. My wife renovated the studio for me. Unbelivably greatful for that. The studio is now a cool, cozy place. The yard is a construction site like the rest of stockholm but it doesn´t bother me. My new gear sounds amazing and the new songs that are in production is my coolest material so far. 

This summer ended up being a slow re-charging the batteries period in my life instead of the heavy touring in North America we had planed. I´ll save it for next summer with a new album in hand. 

I am now fully devoted to composing and producing my new stuff. It´s truly inspiring and I can´t wait to show it to you! 

In december I´ll be busy like crazy working on a new television show in Sweden but in january I´ll be back in the studio again. 

In march I´m doing a tour in Germany. It´s been planed for almost a year and it´s gonna be great. Please like my FaceBook page or sign up for the news letter on my webpage and I´ll be sure to update you with dates as soon as they are official. 

Cool stuff that has happened since we last talked is that I´ve been the centerfold artist for Acoustic Magazine UK. Followed up by a nice visit to Ullapool Guitar Festival again. 

For those of you who happen to stop by in Stockholm in late november there is a chans to hear me together with Stockholm Strings. We are doing the first two concerts together at Siggesta Gård on 29th-30th november. Check out the event!


Thanks for stopping by!


peace and love


jimmy wahlsteen