On the boat again…

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One thing that never seems to come easy to me, despite all the intense traveling during my career,  is being late for flights, boats, trains or car rental pick up times. That´s why I check my tickets like an insane person when traveling just to exclude any shred of miscalculation or delay caused by recklessness on my behalf. Today was one of those days when things just had to work out. Super important TV session tomorrow in Gothenburg. Journey starts at Gotland where I have my summer house. To make it on time I´ve booked a night boat trip to Nynäshamn from where I need to take a bus, then subway to my home in Stockholm for a quick repacking stop before catching a train at 06.14 to Gothenburg. The margins were narrow but safe I thought but after checking the departure time of the boat for the fiftieth time I realized I booked the boat from Stockholm-Gotland instead of the obvious Gotland-Stockholm!!! Of course that became clear when having an evening coffee with the family an hour drive from the port and therefore missed the last boat of the day which meant no TV gig tomorrow and prosperous career as musical director TV in jeopardy… Panic stricken, me Anna and Lando jumped in the car and drove like crazy to the port knowing it was to late to make it on time for the last boat to Stockholm. Then out of nowhere a peacock crossed the road just in front of us. Regarding the fact that peacocks wild inhabitants are restricted to Sri Lanka and India, the sight of the bird was totally surreal. After that my heroin wife started googleing alternative travel routs and magically found a later boat that by the minute places me at Stockholm Central Station just in time for the train to Gothenburg. Now, sitting at the port terminal relaxed, awaiting the late boat feeling grateful and excited about tomorrows session… The show I´m playing in is called Sommarkväll med Rickard Olsson. I´m very proud of the band I´ve put together for the show. Keys: Joakim Niehoff. Bass: Julia Falthin. Drums: Simon Santunione.  

What else is new: Release date for my new album No Stings Attached is set for november 2014. Really excited! Pictures taken for the cover the other day by wonderful photographer Calle Elf.

I now have six songs mixed for the album and four more are in progress. Here are the working titles for the finished songs so far:

No Strings Attached / Light Polution / Inimitable / Au Rendez-Vous des Artistes / Indelible Inc / Orlando.

There´s also gonna be a really cool hidden track that I can´t wait to show you…

I was on the cover of Studio Magazine Scandinavia in june. Talked about my new material, gear setup and production. 

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jimmy wahlsteen