“No Strings Attached” is released!

Hi everyone!

My new album is out. Finally… I´ve been pushing the release day forward probably five times over the last year and a half. Producing music is one of the most extreme ways of doing music in terms of amount of passion and time it requires. I refuse to let go of a song until I´m 100% satisfied. I can honestly say that this is my best material so far. I´ve worked hard to blend the sound of traditional finger style guitar music with more modern sounding productions. Inspired by Daniel Lanois, Moby and Robyn I finally think I´ve reached the sound I´ve been striving for since I started producing solo guitar music in 2008. I look forward to your reactions and comments. I hope you like the music.

The album title is “No Strings Attached”. Please check to following links to find the music.

Candyrat Records webshop




Omslag - No Strings Attached

Searching on Spotify I was glad to find my song It´s your favorite now has close to 700 000 plays.

It´s been a few years now since the release of All time high. The video for Rapid Eye Moment has now reached over 1000 000 views on youtube. Now, with long hair and beard I can now happily announce that my new song “No Strings Attached” has gained 30 000 views in just 5 days on youtube. Watch closely and you´ll see that I appear on a few unexpected places in the video. Following the same kind of narcissistic theme as some of my previous videos.

I have also published a new website. Someone bought my old domain name so I registered the new one under jimmywahlsteen.me. All blog posts will be posted under the blog icon on the website in the future. Please check it out!

A tour in Germany is scheduled for May 2015. Until then I´ll be pretty busy doing television shows in Sweden where I do of lot of work as musical director and guitarist. Plans are made to come back over to North America later in the fall of 2015. I´ll keep you updated here and on FB. Please like the fan page if you haven´t already and don´t be shy to stay in touch.

Thanks for stopping by,

jimmy wahlsteen