Jimmy Wahlsteen is a recording and touring solo acoustic guitarplayer.



  1. Hi!
    Just stopped by to say hello and congratulate you on your success!
    Hope all is well.
    Best wishes

  2. hello! fantastic website and great music!
    rapid eye movement is beatifoul
    see soon

  3. HI jimmy,
    Great music, i’d like to congratulate u from France. Keep playin that guitar.
    shifts of attention is great

  4. Hi Jimmy… Joel from the campgrounds in Kingston… I was asking you gear questions at the festival..thanks again for the info…I just bought an LV 05 ! ..Del had a try on it yesterday and really liked it.. Then I played him Shifts of Attention which he recognized right away.. I purchased great tabs and mp3s from candyrat…now I’m checking out loop stations lol. Next time your back in Canada I’ll be there! Joel.

  5. Hi Jimmy: The show at the Company House in Halifax was just fabulous. You and Don sound terriic solo and as a duo. It was a magical evening, despite it being the second last concert after a hectic touring schedule. I do hope that we will have a longer visit with you here in Halifax the next time that you come.

    Your CD is just great and you are about the only other guitarist that I like as well as I like my brother’s music. Thanks for being such a great friend and touring partner for my wonderful brother. Margaret Ross.

  6. Thank you for playing at Victoria, BC Nov 27. I enjoyed every minute of your set with Don Ross, both solo and duet. I was all smiles watching and listening to you play!
    I hope that your trip back home was smooth and you are enjoying the rest of the winter in coziness.
    Take care and come back soon!
    April 🙂

    • I had a great time playing in Vicotria! I´m glad you enjoyed the consert.

      all the best to you until next time

      jimmy wahlsteen

  7. Hey Jimmy,

    Congratz for your musics. It sounds like a paradise in a music way. My favorite song is “Rapid eye Moment”.

    When do you come to play down in Brazil? Here there are a lot of fans of yours waiting for this opportunity, to hear your wonderfull songs.

    See ya!!

    • Hey, I´d love to come to Brazil and play! Great to have you as a listener, Fred.

      peace and love

      jimmy wahlsteen

  8. Hi!!! I love your cd and i was just wondering if you are coming to Spain!! (i mean you and your acoustic). We would really love to see you and have my Larrivee signed!!!


    • Oh, I´d love to come to Spain and play. I´m doing a big European tour november 2011 and my hopes are that Spain will be included on the tour.
      Happy new year and thanks for the support.

      jimmy wahlsteen

  9. Hi!

    I’m from Barcelona.

    Where can we buy your CD?


  10. Hello from Spain,

    I have a question about your playing technique. I don’t know if you get asked this a lot but for your left hand when you do a percussive tap on the back of the neck, do you wear a ring on your thumb? Also, how do you get it to come out in the mix during a performance?


    • Hi Victor.

      Yes, I do wear a ring on my left thumb which I hit remotely hard on the back of the neck. It´s obvious in some of my videos. Check out It´s your favorite, both versions. It´s also noted in my tabs available on the Candyrat website. Using the right pickups the guitar you get a nice mix in the PA. It´s all about not hitting the neck to hard with the ring.

      Thanks for tuning in, man.


      jimmy wahlsteen

  11. Hey Jimmy,

    I have been looking to play one of your songs with a friend, I was wondering if your guitar tabs came with multiple guitar parts?

    • Hi Michael!

      Cool that you´re looking to check out the tabs. The tabs released on Candyrat are based on the lead guitar as performed on the album tracks.
      The second harmony is noted where most prominent. For example the chorus part in Rapid eye and the percussive intro on Shifts of attention.
      If you´re looking for the second harmonies performed by Joel Sahlin and Don Ross on the youtube videos you have to go though them as they
      are not released on Candyrat.
      I don´t think Don ever made tabs for his part in It´s your favorite but I know Joel made tabs for his harmonies in Tranquility and Rapid eye moment
      as he playes them on the youtube videos. He´s easey to get a hold of through facebook and he´s sold plenty of those tabs on his own.

      Let me know if I can be of any more help. Good luck with your playing and thanks for tuning in!

      jimmy wahlsteen

  12. Hi Jimmy, I was just wondering when you are coming to Sweden to play?


    • Viktor! I take it your from Sweden so I´ll reply in my native language!

      Min plan är att göra en hel clinic/workshop turné i sverige under september-oktober. Det håller på att bokas nu. Frienda mej på Facebooks så kan jag lättare hålla dej underrätad.

      ha det guld så länge!


  13. Hi Jimmy what is the name of the guitar store in Sweden that you get your guitars from. A freind is going to Europe and wants to look for a guitar over there. By the way are your Guitars made in the USA or Canada…anyway …we’ll miss you playing at the CGF in Kingston but will be following your progress on the Tommy Emmanuel tour. You got alot of fans Jimmy keep up the great music. Joel .

    • Hi there. Sorry for the late reply Joel. I guess your friend´s been in Sweden already. I rarely check my blogg since my website jimmywahlsteen.com was launched and I keep my Facebook pretty busy as well. the guitars I use LarrivĂ©e are actually built in Canada by Jean LarrivĂ©e. I doubt it that you would find a better price in Sweden but the Swedish dealers name is Gitarrspecialisten.
      I hope to be back in Canada at CGF next summer. Until then I hope you like my new album that is released on Candyrat on november 15ht.

      All the best to you and appoligies for not being helpfull enough with guiding your friend to his guitar.


      jimmy wahlsteen

  14. Jimmy, thanks so much for the concert in Berlin at the Kulturhaus in Spandau in November. Your music is the best. My December project is trying to learn ‘1998’ from your first album – a tall order!

    I am so happy I bought your second album at the concert – Catenary Curves and Halifaxation are my favorites.

    Whatever you do, don’t stop smiling when you play on stage. It lets everyone in the audience know exactly how much you care about the music and your art. What a great thing to share.

    Hope you and your family enjoy some nice time together over the coming holidays and come back to play in Berlin soon!

    • Hi John!

      I can´t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the gig at the Kulturhaus. I´ll still be smiling when I return for my next Germany tour in May 2013, I promise. (I´ll let you know through facebook and jimmywahlsteen.com when the dates are announced).

      Cool that you´re checking out 1998! The tuning is C#-B-A-C#-A-C# from high to low and I use a capo on 2nd fret.
      The tuning is the same one as used in Tranquility, It´s your favorite and All time high. All with different capo positions though.

      Thanks for the nice comment, John. I´ll look forward to coming back to play for you soon.

      jimmy wahlsteen

  15. Hi Jimmy,
    I am so happy I found your music on the internet. I was immediately struck by its beauty. I am an instant fan. I was wondering if you’ve ever played in Holland or have plans to do that? I’ld love to see you play live…
    God bless!

  16. Hey Jimmy im Yannik, 17 years old and im from germany …i really love your songs and i buy all your tabs beacsue you really inspire me……… but man, is there any tab for You´ve gotta run real fast to stand still ? I almost cry everytime at the end of the song… it would be really cool if you answer….


    • i found a tab please delete my comment thanks =)

    • Hi Yannik! I´m glad to hear you like the music. I actually haven´t had any tabs made for You´ve gotta run real fast to stand still so someone else must have published the one you found. Let me know if it works out. I will gladly help you out with details. My plan is to make new tabs for You´ve gotta run… and A Lily in May before my Germany tour in March 2014.
      Here are the official dates of the tour: (You are actually the first to see them as I got them today and haven´t published them yet)

      Thurs., March 13th – Musikhaus Spula, Delmenhort
      Fri., March 14th – Lyra, BrunsbĂĽttel
      Sat., March 15th – Ruller Haus, Wallenhorst Rulle
      Sun., March 16th – WĂśRG-Haus, WĂĽlfrath
      Mond., March 17th – Gdanska, Oberhausen
      Tues, March 18th – Jansberghof, MĂĽlheim an der Ruhr
      Wedn., March 19th – Magma, Wattenscheid

      Let me know if you can make it to one of the shows and I promise you a free copy of the new tabs.


      jimmy wahlsteen

  17. Hi Jimmy, we met a while ago at one of your smaller gigs in Germany. You said I should send you some of my Music,when my CD is finished. Here we go! can I get in contact with you in some way? (I’m not Facebook ,sorry) Cheers

    • Hi Achim. Thanks for sharing. Your music is very nice. I wish you all the best with your future career. Keep me posted.

      peace / jimmy wahlsteen

  18. Hi Jimmy … and a big fan… and little sad guitarist since i sold my Larrive L09 few months ago… (it was nice and had some extras and an orangy color) i am trying to rebuy it but it seems difficult… therefore i am considering to buy a new one (not Larrivee L09… of course…)… i have checked Stonebridge and similars… but not sure… any piece of advice?! many thanks in advance… Go Axemen (Wolfville)!!

    • Hello. Thanks for supporting the music. It´s great to have you as a listener.
      I use Sandén Guitars exclusively these days. They absolutely rock. They are hand built and the price range tend to top Larrivées and Stonebridge etc. Depending on what kind of budget you´re on I can recommend their mid price alternative which is Tanglewood. Michael Sandén has designed their high end profile and they sound just great.
      All the best to you and good luck with your guitar playing.


  19. Hi Jimmy, I really like your style of guitar composing, especially ‘Rapid Eye Movement’, it’s one of the most joyful guitar pieces I have heard.
    I was wondering how do you go about mixing guitar with other instruments (percussion, synth, etc). Do you do it yourself, by overdubbing on a sequencer program, or other musicians play with you ?

    • Hi Vasilis. Thanks for tuning in. I´m glad you like Rapid Eye Moment. I work with Logic as software platform / sequencer program. I play most instruments myself but for percussion and strings I usually bring in additional musicians. I produce my songs with dubb overs and rarely live. I like to record each instrument separately so that I have options for post editing. Good luck with your music. Peace / jimmy wahlsteen

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