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So, here I am a week from mastering the album. I mixed “It´s your favorite” this week with Oscar Söderberg. #mce_temp_url# and I think it´s the best song on the album. Mattias Bylund #mce_temp_url# did the string arrangement and he did a beautiful job. The title is actually stolen from the movie “Chocolate” by Lasse Hallström. #mce_temp_url#

Juliette Binoche keeps telling every candy eating customer in her little chocolate shop that she can tell it´s their favorite before they even tried the chocolate being served to them. That whole attitude both amazes and amuses me. Telling someone “It´s your favorite” and then hearing them say “Yeah, that was my favorite” must be the ultimate self esteem booster.

Now, I´m not saying my new song is your favorite but It certainly is mine and I hope you will like it. Album in store on october 31st.

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