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“No Strings Attached” is released!

Hi everyone!

My new album is out. Finally… I´ve been pushing the release day forward probably five times over the last year and a half. Producing music is one of the most extreme ways of doing music in terms of amount of passion and time it requires. I refuse to let go of a song until I´m 100% satisfied. I can honestly say that this is my best material so far. I´ve worked hard to blend the sound of traditional finger style guitar music with more modern sounding productions. Inspired by Daniel Lanois, Moby and Robyn I finally think I´ve reached the sound I´ve been striving for since I started producing solo guitar music in 2008. I look forward to your reactions and comments. I hope you like the music.

The album title is “No Strings Attached”. Please check to following links to find the music.

Candyrat Records webshop




Omslag - No Strings Attached

Searching on Spotify I was glad to find my song It´s your favorite now has close to 700 000 plays.

It´s been a few years now since the release of All time high. The video for Rapid Eye Moment has now reached over 1000 000 views on youtube. Now, with long hair and beard I can now happily announce that my new song “No Strings Attached” has gained 30 000 views in just 5 days on youtube. Watch closely and you´ll see that I appear on a few unexpected places in the video. Following the same kind of narcissistic theme as some of my previous videos.

I have also published a new website. Someone bought my old domain name so I registered the new one under All blog posts will be posted under the blog icon on the website in the future. Please check it out!

A tour in Germany is scheduled for May 2015. Until then I´ll be pretty busy doing television shows in Sweden where I do of lot of work as musical director and guitarist. Plans are made to come back over to North America later in the fall of 2015. I´ll keep you updated here and on FB. Please like the fan page if you haven´t already and don´t be shy to stay in touch.

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On the boat again…

Hi everyone,


One thing that never seems to come easy to me, despite all the intense traveling during my career,  is being late for flights, boats, trains or car rental pick up times. That´s why I check my tickets like an insane person when traveling just to exclude any shred of miscalculation or delay caused by recklessness on my behalf. Today was one of those days when things just had to work out. Super important TV session tomorrow in Gothenburg. Journey starts at Gotland where I have my summer house. To make it on time I´ve booked a night boat trip to Nynäshamn from where I need to take a bus, then subway to my home in Stockholm for a quick repacking stop before catching a train at 06.14 to Gothenburg. The margins were narrow but safe I thought but after checking the departure time of the boat for the fiftieth time I realized I booked the boat from Stockholm-Gotland instead of the obvious Gotland-Stockholm!!! Of course that became clear when having an evening coffee with the family an hour drive from the port and therefore missed the last boat of the day which meant no TV gig tomorrow and prosperous career as musical director TV in jeopardy… Panic stricken, me Anna and Lando jumped in the car and drove like crazy to the port knowing it was to late to make it on time for the last boat to Stockholm. Then out of nowhere a peacock crossed the road just in front of us. Regarding the fact that peacocks wild inhabitants are restricted to Sri Lanka and India, the sight of the bird was totally surreal. After that my heroin wife started googleing alternative travel routs and magically found a later boat that by the minute places me at Stockholm Central Station just in time for the train to Gothenburg. Now, sitting at the port terminal relaxed, awaiting the late boat feeling grateful and excited about tomorrows session… The show I´m playing in is called Sommarkväll med Rickard Olsson. I´m very proud of the band I´ve put together for the show. Keys: Joakim Niehoff. Bass: Julia Falthin. Drums: Simon Santunione.  

What else is new: Release date for my new album No Stings Attached is set for november 2014. Really excited! Pictures taken for the cover the other day by wonderful photographer Calle Elf.

I now have six songs mixed for the album and four more are in progress. Here are the working titles for the finished songs so far:

No Strings Attached / Light Polution / Inimitable / Au Rendez-Vous des Artistes / Indelible Inc / Orlando.

There´s also gonna be a really cool hidden track that I can´t wait to show you…

I was on the cover of Studio Magazine Scandinavia in june. Talked about my new material, gear setup and production. 

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Work in progress…

Hello. Time for a new update. Finally. After a 4 month session away from home spending time at the summer house and various addresses in Stockholm  I´m back home working in the studio. My wife renovated the studio for me. Unbelivably greatful for that. The studio is now a cool, cozy place. The yard is a construction site like the rest of stockholm but it doesn´t bother me. My new gear sounds amazing and the new songs that are in production is my coolest material so far. 

This summer ended up being a slow re-charging the batteries period in my life instead of the heavy touring in North America we had planed. I´ll save it for next summer with a new album in hand. 

I am now fully devoted to composing and producing my new stuff. It´s truly inspiring and I can´t wait to show it to you! 

In december I´ll be busy like crazy working on a new television show in Sweden but in january I´ll be back in the studio again. 

In march I´m doing a tour in Germany. It´s been planed for almost a year and it´s gonna be great. Please like my FaceBook page or sign up for the news letter on my webpage and I´ll be sure to update you with dates as soon as they are official. 

Cool stuff that has happened since we last talked is that I´ve been the centerfold artist for Acoustic Magazine UK. Followed up by a nice visit to Ullapool Guitar Festival again. 

For those of you who happen to stop by in Stockholm in late november there is a chans to hear me together with Stockholm Strings. We are doing the first two concerts together at Siggesta Gård on 29th-30th november. Check out the event!


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jimmy wahlsteen 





February 10th– Half Moon Putney/ London

February 11th– Moon Club/ Cardiff

February 12th– The Garage/ Swansea

February 13th– Chapel Arts Centre/ Bath

February 15th– Blackwood Miners Institute/ Blackwood

February 16th– Guitar Bar/ Nottingham




Winter news!

Hi everoyone!

The summer ended with a Jimmy Wahlsteen / Don Ross / John Gomm – tour in Canada. Playing Rapid Eye Moment with these guys was an unforgetable musical kick. Check out the clip if you haven´t already!

The fall began in Itally with a nice gig at the Acoustic Franciacorta. 

…after that I did a tour in Germany with my NEW GUITAR! I have just started working with my all time favorite guitar builder Michael Sandén. Here´s a picture of me and the Sandén Jimmy Wahlsteen Signature Model:

Check out the Sandén website for more of his lovely instruments. Warm and sincere recommandations from yours truly.

I also decided to upgrade my sound further. My new pendulum preamp sounds just amazing. This is just photos of the EQ-settings I use to combine my K&K – and Sunrise pickups.

If you wanna come and check my new sound, guitars and songs out. I recommend the upcoming UK tour in February.

I have recently started working with a new agency in the UK, WHIPPINGBOY. They have put together a nice tour for me already. Looking so much forward to be back after the last tour with Antoine, Ewan and Adam.


10/2    LONDON – The half moon

11/2     CARDIFF  – Moon Club

12/2     SWANSEA – The Garage

13/2     BATH     – Chapell Arts Centre

15/2      BLACKPOOL / CAERPHILLY – Blackwood Miners Institute

16/2      NOTTINGHAM  – The Gutiar Bar


Another cool thing that happend during the fall is that I got a cover and a big feature in Swedens Musicians Magazine / MUSIKERMAGASINET.


I´m also proud to announce that my song Mindlessness was recorded and released as a duet on Anna Sahlene´s new album Roses. The album comes wholeheartedly recommended. For anyone who loves music, great singing or just my song Mindlessness. Check out the Itunes link:

For my overseas listeners I hope you didn´t miss Shifts of attention in LA Complex. The show isn´t possible to watch in Europe so even I haven´t seen it yet.


Thanks for stopping by my friends. Please don´t forget to like my Facebook fan page.


Merry christmas if I don´t catch you before!


Jimmy Wahlsteen


Hi everyone!

This spring has been unbelievably busy and just as nice. The touring kicked off with a two week Germany tour in March. Germany is probably the country I´ve spent the most time in outside of Sweden. Germans these days tend to speak english really well so embarrassingly enough my German hash´t improved for years. Did a couple of duo gigs with the wonderful guitar player Tim Spark there. Here´s a little something from the rehearsal/soundcheck at the Kulturbunker in Cologne.

After the Germany tour I was very proud to be a part of “La 5eme Nuit des Virtuosos”  tour at the paradise Island Ile de la Réunion. If you don´t know where that is, I won´t hold it against you. Few people do… Check google maps south of Madagaskar! The line up for the concert hall tour there was amazing:

Valentina LisitsaAlexeyArkhipovskiy, Buddy Greene together with Jeff Taylor.

Here´s me together with Jeff and Pascal.


I had the pleasure of having a great side kick player with me on stage as well: Pascal Manglou. Listen to the performance at Luc Donat. Here´s me performing Halifaxation together with Pascal. 

For the first time the my family joined me on tour. I can imagine worse places to hang out in while daddy´s at work:





















After Rénion Island I went directly for the UK Candyrat tour.

About two more shows to go and I´m writing this post from a countryside hotel padio in picturesque Kendal. the tour has been really intense with really cool venues and great crowds. Check out tour plan:

The First UK CANdYRAT Tour
featuring Antoine DuFourEwan Dobson,
Jimmy Wahlsteen & Adam Palma


May 2012

Wed 2nd BRIGHTON The Komedia TBC
Thu 3rd EXETER The Phoenix TBC
Fri 4th SALISBURY The Arts Centre TBC
Sat 5th LONDON The Borderline TBC
Sun 6th DERBY The Darwin Suite TBC
Mon 7th LEEDS City Varieties Music Hall TBC
Wed 9th STRATFORD Cox’s Yard TBC
Thu 10th MANCHESTER The Band on the Wall TBC
Fri 11th GATESHEAD The Sage, Gateshead TBC
Sat 12th KENDAL The Brewery TBC
Sun 13th BRISTOL Colston Hall 2 TBC

The line up has been really cool with four of the best finger style players I know:

Antoine Dufour – Ewan Dobson and Adam Palma. We´ve had some hilarious tourbus moments and really cool gigs. Also had a stop at historical Stonehenge. Here we are:











We´ve also been ending each evening with a little jam. Here´s an iPhone clip from the London gig.

Summer´s got some cool gigs lined up. Me, Jon Gomm and Don Ross are doing Hugh´s room in Toronto. Also Canadian Guitar Festival and the Carlton in Halifax. Please check for tour updates.

Italy in october, Germany and Italy in November. Lots of exciting news to come. I hope to see you out there!

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peace and love

jimmy wahlsteen

My new CD is out!

Hello everyone

It is with great excitement I would like to announce that my brand new CD “All time high” is now officialy released world wide! CD´s, Tabs and MP3 downloads can be found as usual on the Candyrat website. And of course Itunes and

I have been selling the CD as merchandise on the Tommy Emmanuel / Jimmy Wahlsteen tour and it has been very well recepted.

The Halifaxation video is out on the Candyrat youtube channel. I never read the comments but according to the Facebook feedback my beloved listeners seem to digg it. Check it out if you haven´t already:

I am writing this post from a peculiar place. The tour agent booked me on my day off into a tiny Tennis and Squash hotel in Kaarst outside of Dusseldorf. Their online service is, god bless, working fine so I could be worse off. A driver took me here from Basel today where I played yesterday with Tommy Emmanuel. Very nice gig at the Stadtcasino. Opening up for Tommy has been a truly awesome experience. The fans have been great and the venues just beautiful. In Paris I did one of my all time high, no pun intended, performances and the sound has been very nice through the whole tour thanks to our geat engineerer and tour manager Steve Law.

Speaking of sound: The friendly people at T.C electronics have been trying to send me a new G-natural since my brooke down on the soundcheck before the first gig. So far they have not succeded because of bank holidays and weekends but tomorrow I´m gonna show the crowd in Kaarst some pretty cool FX I´ve been working on if the German delivery service manages to find this remote hotel.

Me and Tommy play my new song Mindlessness together by the end of the show. It´s an honor to play with him and the song sounds wonderful. Filming is prohibited on the show but if you search youtube I´m sure you´ll find a piece or two…


Until next time, thanks for stopping by,


jimmy wahlsteen






Good news and Emmanuel / Wahlsteen tour dates!

Hi everyone!

My brand new album “All time high” has now gone to print and will be available at the Candyrat online store as well as Itunes and Amazon on November 15th!

Here´s a little preview of the artwork:

Tabs for the songs will be also be out there and you can expect a couple of cool videos on youtube soon…

I also, finally, had a JIMMYWAHLSTEEN.COM launched a few weeks ago. Here you can find news, tourdates and contact links to agents and management.

Below is the tourdates for the upcoming Tommy Emmanuel / Jimmy Wahlsteen EU tour. I have the great pleasure and honor of supporting Tommy on 10 of his EU dates. My new album will be available at the mercandise both and signed by me for everyone!

Tour dates Tommy Emmanuel / Jimmy Wahlsteen EU tour 2011

Tour dates
Tue Nov 08 11 07:00 PM
Brussels, BE
Palais Beaux ArtsPalais Beaux Arts in Brussels,

Tickets | Map

Wed Nov 09 11 07:00 PM
Luxembourg, LU
Conservatoire de MusiqueConservatoire de Musique in Luxembourg, – or

Tickets | Map

Thu Nov 10 11 07:00 PM
Mutzig, FR
LE DÔMELE DÔME in Mutzig, – time TBA –

Tickets | Map

Fri Nov 11 11 08:00 PM
Paris, FR
La Cigale TheatreLa Cigale Theatre in Paris, – time TBA – new URL

Tickets | Map

Mon Nov 14 11 07:00 PM
Basel, CH
Stadtcasino Basel featuring Tommy EmmanuelStadtcasino Basel

Tickets | Map

Wed Nov 16 11 07:00 PM
Kaarst, DE
Albert-Einstein-ForumAlbert-Einstein-Forum in Kaarst, –

Tickets | Map

Thu Nov 17 11 08:00 PM
Bestwig, DE
Bürger und RathausBürger und Rathaus in Bestwig, –

Tickets | Map

Fri Nov 18 11 07:00 PM
Essen, DE
Philharmonie EssenPhilharmonie Essen in Essen, – with Jimmy Wahlsteen supporting

Tickets | Map

Sat Nov 19 11 07:00 PM
Eindhoven, NL
Muziekgebouw EindhovenMuziekgebouw Eindhoven in Eindhoven, – Muziekgebouw Frits Philips

Tickets | Map

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Jimmy Wahlsteen – Canada tour diary 23/11

So, I´m in Saskatoon for the 6th gig of the Canada tour. It´s -28C coold and as usually I´m not exactly dressed for the occasion so I´m staying indoors with a cup of coffee in the all free wireless downtown.

One of my Larrivées has taken a few beatings on this tour. First, after making me paying overweight charges, the airline lost it, and when it finally showed up in Toronto my Sunrise pickup was soundless. I had to fix it at the 12 fret music store, east side Toronto.

Then, after the sold out and super fun gig yesterday at the Unitarian Hall in Thunder Bay one of the sound guys knocked over a microphone on the same guitar so it got another nice crack in it. It will probably look like Willie Nelsons guitar after this tour but as long as it keeps sounding great it´s ok, I guess…

We´re flying between every gig in this great big country. Distances here are unbelivable. If a city is within 5 hours driving range it´s concidered to be close! I had to get up 4 o´clock this morning to make it in time for the airport.

Anyway, the tour is lots of fun and Don Ross is a great tour partner. I´ve also been fortunate to be palying with my all time favorite sing and song writer, fantastic guitar player and vocalist Brooke Miller on this tour. I´ve been listening a lot to her records and it was great to finally play the songs with her.

Here´s a couple of pic´s from the gig at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto:

If you care for a little preview of how the tour sounds like. Please check out me and Don playing at Hugh´s Room earlier this year.

Thanks for stopping by!